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that's what I like to do!

What a fun shoot! After Elizabeth did my hair & makeup, I was all dolled up & ready to go! Oleg was a fun, professional and talented photographer. He conversations made it clear he's dedicated to improving his craft and as you can see does beautiful photography and editing. I had a blast and look forward to doing another shoot with him!

Photographer: Oleg Krysko

Hair & Makeup: Elizabeth Ravelson​

Taken: October, 2018

Worked Together: 1x

"Elyse is beautiful model. She is very creative and have a lot of positive energy. She is experienced model. She is very natural with posing and it makes my work easy as a photographer. Great personality." - Oleg

This was a 52 week project created by Phillip titled “Finding Fashion – Secondhand”. Each model who was selected was given a $50 budget to find an outfit for their shoot from any local secondhand store. Cool idea and a great result! I found the coat at Goodwill and the accessories at Boomerangs. There is a book being published to showcase the final work.

Photographer: Phillip Bopp

Taken: December, 2018

Worked Together: 1x

Published Date: January, 2019 

Publication Type: Print, Website & Social Media - Beauty Mute Magazine #106, Pages 3, 30-35

This was shot at a special temporary exhibit called "FogxFLO" by artist Fujiko Nakaya. It was a "...citywide exhibition of multiple 'fog sculptures', marking her five decade career with works at five sites along the historic urban parks that link more than a dozen neighborhoods, and provide a natural, recreational and cultural conduit for the community." (

Photographer: RSVP Photography

Taken: October, 2018

Worked Together: 1x

"Collaborating with Elyse is great. She brings an enthusiasm and creativity that is very unique for a model. She receives instruction well and can hold a pose perfectly as well as create her own visions. We had such a productive shoot we are planning to work again soon." - Rick