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What a fun shoot! After Elizabeth did my hair & makeup, I was all dolled up & ready to go! Oleg was a fun, professional and talented photographer. He conversations made it clear he's dedicated to improving his craft and as you can see does beautiful photography and editing. I had a blast and look forward to doing another shoot with him!

Photographer: Oleg Krysko

Hair & Makeup: Elizabeth Ravelson​

Taken: October, 2018

Worked Together: 1x

"Elyse is beautiful model. She is very creative and have a lot of positive energy. She is experienced model. She is very natural with posing and it makes my work easy as a photographer. Great personality." - Oleg

This was a 52 week project created by Phillip titled “Finding Fashion – Secondhand”. Each model who was selected was given a $50 budget to find an outfit for their shoot from any local secondhand store. Cool idea and a great result! I found the coat at Goodwill and the accessories at Boomerangs. There is a book being published to showcase the final work.

Photographer: Phillip Bopp

Taken: December, 2018

Worked Together: 1x

Published Date: January, 2019 

Publication Type: Print, Website & Social Media - Beauty Mute Magazine #106, Pages 3, 30-35

This was shot at a special temporary exhibit called "FogxFLO" by artist Fujiko Nakaya. It was a "...citywide exhibition of multiple 'fog sculptures', marking her five decade career with works at five sites along the historic urban parks that link more than a dozen neighborhoods, and provide a natural, recreational and cultural conduit for the community." (

Photographer: RSVP Photography

Taken: October, 2018

Worked Together: 1x

"Collaborating with Elyse is great. She brings an enthusiasm and creativity that is very unique for a model. She receives instruction well and can hold a pose perfectly as well as create her own visions. We had such a productive shoot we are planning to work again soon." - Rick

Three different looks; three times the fun. Dana is very passionate about photography and makes you feel at ease. He is quick to send back all your shots and even does editing of your favorites (which is hard to narrow down)! He even had an assistant on my shoot to handle a lighting umbrella. I'm so glad we did a shoot together!

Photographer: Dana D Photography

Hair: Lance McBrayer

Taken: July, 2018

Worked Together: 1x

"elegant and graceful, plenty of positive energy, excellent with posing and taking direction, does what is needed to get the shot, looking forward to another shoot" - Dana

This was an energetic fitness shoot! I had a great time modeling; three outfits and props made each look a little different and fun. David was relaxed and open to creative ideas. Thankful I was able to do the shoot!

Photographer: Goliath Media

Taken: July, 2018

Worked Together: 1x

I called this shoot "A Sunset's Farewell" in it's publication, and I think it suits it well. After having a great time meeting Val at the salon, I had the pleasure of working with Jason outside in the beauty of Spring in Boston. The colors in this shoot are so vibrant yet soft, and full of the feeling of the shoot. 

Photographer: Common Merganser

Hair: Valerie Alessandro​

Taken: May, 2018

Worked Together: 1x

Published Date: January, 2019 

Publication Type: Website - Crookes Magazine

Talk about a stunning location! From the grand staircase, to the marble floors, to the hidden alleyways, this shoot was visually on point. It was also a blast to be able to shoot with other dancers to create a truly dynamic final result.

Photographer: Malu Venegas

Taken: August, 2017

Worked Together: 1x

This had all the right components for a great shoot: high heels, leopard print, a red lip and books - I was as happy as Belle! Robert was really easy to talk to and very encouraging. He does his own edits and travels all over for photography, so get a shoot with him if you can!

Photographer: Robert Bowden

Taken: January, 2018

Worked Together: 1x

It was such a good experience working with Michael; the creative process ahead of time and the atmosphere on the shoot made it a fun and memorable one! It was a joy to combine both dancing and modeling.

Photographer: Michael Leach

Taken: June, 2017

Worked Together: 1x

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