What rare day! It was in the 60's in the middle of January - we just had to shoot!

We were both so happy to get a Spring day in the middle of the grey Winter, and I think our joy comes across in this shoot. We were doubly pleased when it was published in a NY magazine - I hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

Photographer: Moments Suspended In Time

Taken: January, 2020

Worked Together: 1x

Published: ASC Fashion Magazine

Crafty, creative, adventurous and joyful are just some of the words I could use to describe this shoot! It was shot at the "Happy Place" pop-up exposition. Basically, you go through a series of rooms all designed to make you happy!
Happy Place was also the set for the music video titled "Friends" by the famous Marshmello ft. Anne Marie ( The photographer Shell was wonderful: easy to work with and she has a stunning eye for focus and depth of field. Her keen instincts for photography and editing skills has landed this shoot in two printed magazines: Piction and Fienfh! 

Photographer: Shell Hofstadter

Hair & Makeup: Lindsay Mistretta

Taken: April, 2019

Worked Together: 1x

Published: Piction and Fienfh Magazine


Photographer: Lunara Devers

Hair & Makeup: Valerie Alessandro

Taken: April, 2019

Worked Together: 1x


Published: Candy Magazine

Publication Type: Social Media

Publication Date: October 2019

Submission: Graffiti 

Could you ask for a better graffiti location? After another wonderful experience getting my hair done with Val, Lunara annd I got to shoot at this sick location. It was freezing out but we still got publication-worthy shots :)

This was a temporary art installment in the Boston Seaport. "The Loop is comprised of six illuminated, moving cylinders which play music and animations. Take a seat in these giant circular structures, pump the handlebar, and watch a story unfold. Beautiful images inspired by fairy tales come to life in an animation that is visible from inside or outside The Loop. The speed at which the images move, the frequency of the flickering, and the tempo of the music are determined by how fast you move the lever." (
So cool, great to experience this bit of artwork and work with Oleg again!

Photographer: Oleg Krysko

Taken: February, 2019

Published: Horizont Magazine August 2019

Worked Together: 3x

A dynamic duo captured these photos: a husband and wife! After her success in New York, Jonette is in Boston sharing her talents as a makeup artist and hair stylist. She has a warm personality and expert training that was evident in her professionalism and execution. Her attention to detail is spot on and she pays close attention from start to finish. Her husband and photographer Ludger has a calm and collected personality that brings out your best in  your photos. He gives constant feedback and encouragement that makes you feel confident and supported. I would be thrilled to work with both of them again. To prospective brides: Jonette will take care of you, play a fun playlist, laugh with you and share in your joy. You will feel and look like you're out of a fairy tale.  

Photographer: Ludger Jaegerskuepper

Hair & Makeup: Jonette Joy

Taken: February, 2019

Published: Northside Magazine

Worked Together: 1x